Welcome to #GeoEdChat

Welcome to #GeoEdChat, a new project to improve geography education through conversation.

Everyone who is interested in improving geography education, teaching and learning is welcome to join in. It’s our intention that #GeoEdChat will cross, shape and create  professional and geographical frontiers, resulting in new ideas, critical thinking and shared best practices.

Geography education, teaching and learning is of vital importance not only for individuals, but communities at all scales around the world. From finding the best place to eat, sleep, hide, find work, dance, give birth or be safe, to understanding the patterns and processes that affect and interconnect people, places, markets, habitats, cities, wildlife and ideas, good geographical thinking helps us to make sense of things and solve problems. By improving geography education we can make our lives and the planet better; a strong argument for geography and developing a #GeoEdChat.

Each Wednesday on Twitter using the hashtag #GeoEdChat, we’ll focus on a different topic that will be mediated by a different person. It will also take place in one of four different time zones so we can get as many geography educators involved as possible.

  • 20:00 London (UTC 0)  1st Wednesday of each month
  • 20:00 New York (UTC-5) 2nd Wednesday of each month
  • 20:00 Dhaka (UTC +6 3rd Wednesday of each month
  • 20:00 Sydney (UTC +10) 4th Wednesday of each month

This effectively means that #GeoEdChat will only take place in ‘your region’ once a month, but we’d encourage you to try and make the others if you can. You can see a break down of future chats and times as and when the take place here.

Each chat will consist of four stages that our moderators will guide us through.

  1. Vote #GeoEdChat community votes on the next topic for their time zone
  2. Blog – The guest moderator posts a “Think Piece” on this site
  3. Chat – #GeoEdChat on Twitter, led by the guest moderator in their time zone
  4. Blog – The moderator posts a #GeoEdChat summary

Click here to find out more about becoming a moderator of a future chat.

The first #GeoEdChat will be mediated by David Rogers, my friend and partner in guerrilla geography who describes himself on Twitter as a “Dad, Husband, Associate SLT, Head of Geography, Runner, Mission:Explorer, Adventurer, Author, Pedagogic Trouble Maker, Geek”. David teaches young people aged 11-16 and is a prolific geography education blogger. His first of three blog posts will follow this one and will ask you to vote on what the first #GeoEdChat should focus on. Please do have your say.

#GeoEdChat is an initiative that has been started by The Geography Collective. We do hope that other organisations around the world will support this effort and offer to become involved.

Please do help to make this experimental project a success by joining a chat.

Daniel @RavenEllison



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