#GeoEdChat 21st Century Geographers

Here is a Storify summary of the #GeoEdChat held on May 15th

#GeoEdChat 21st Century Geographers

#GeoEdChat relaunched on May 15th with a chat about how we help develop 21st Century Geographers. This is a collection of the ideas discussed.

  1. The chat started at 8pm on the 15th so it was in NZ that the chat began:
  2. #GeoEdChat is back! Nxt 24 hours discussing What is a successful 21st Century Geographer? Thinkpiece/provocation here geoedchat.com/2013/05/10/wha…
  3. #GeoEdChat We have tried really hard to apply the BES for Social Sci educationcounts.govt.nz/publications/s… “make it relevant to the students” in essence
  4. @perrynator18 the BES is a great resource that I personally feel is under utilised in many schools – a recipe for success #GeoEdChat
  5. #GeoEdChat topics like: Global studey of arms trading, Hip hop culture, 1080 poison use in NZ and any issue you can engage studetns in
  6. @perrynator18 Great topics! One of my faves was a research unit on globalisation of culture – amazing discussions with Yr 11s #GeoEdChat
  7. I find thinking of Geography as a lens to view the world allows you to approach new issues as possible contexts to study #GeoEdChat
  8. @GeoMouldey #geoedchat And its pretty cool when students articulate the world through a geographic lens. How do we scaffold this?
  9. @perrynator18 Get students used to using a geographic lens: what concepts are in this movie, news article, landscape, issue etc. #GeoEdChat
  10. The conversation was next picked up in the UK where it really gained steam and a few threads emerged:
  11. If you had to pick one #geography topic/sow that you think is most important to teach, what would it be? #GeoEdChat
  12. @geography_paul Where countries actually are, and the basics of their political and religious structures #GeoEdChat
  13. @geography_paul #GeoEdChat Build topics around concepts. eg. Change:happens over time in a spatial context. Perceptions:Pick any issue &go
  14. #geoedchat How might we facilitate student choice/voice in topic and content decisions? Student directed learning within broader contexts
  15. @geography_paul What future does the world hold? You cld cover anything the students want: demographics, climate, maps.. #GeoEdChat
  16. Traditional and Contemporary topics were discussed in length, here are some of the thoughts:
  17. Is it important to teach the ‘traditional’ geographical knowledge before students can participate in more contemporary debates? #GeoEdChat
  18. @geography_paul cant we teach that traditional knowledge in exciting contexts? #GeoEdChat
  19. @GeoMouldey @geography_paul that’s the key for me #GeoEdChat esp with physical geog but human processes too
  20. Do traditional units like ‘glaciation’ and ‘river studies’ turn the 21st student away from #Geography ? #GeoEdChat
  21. #GeoEdChat In this day and age, contexts and case studies need to be timely and current; intellectually accessible, resourced, relevant
  22. @MrGeographer we carried out a questionnaire with our outgoing Y11&they wanted more economic and social geography in the course #GeoEdChat
  23. @geography_paul Interesting, I agree! The AQA Alevel is boring- especially the AS. The paper yesterday reflected the poor course #GeoEdChat
  24. @geography_paul indeed, which is why I like working with a broad spectrum of researchers and see where they fit 2ary classrooms #geoedchat
  25. @jamie_bd You don’t mean school subjects should be defined by what researchers do? #GeoEdChat
  26. @AngusWillson if we want students to understand latest about our changing world, links should be strong #geoedchat
  27. The merits (or otherwise) of the thinkpiece were discussed
  28. #GeoEdChat be honest: what did you agree with/disagree with/ question in the thinkpiece? geoedchat.com/2013/05/10/wha…
  29. @GeoMouldey #GeoEdChat interdisciplinary thinking and collaborative working much needed in today’s research and workforce!
  30. @GeoMouldey 2 of 2 key skill for geographers is interdisciplinarity. It’s something geographers are naturally trained to do! #GeoEdChat
  31. @DrCPD great example of this is what @mattgeog and @teachmaths have been up to docs.google.com/presentation/d… #GeoEdChat
  32. @geomouldey I agree that we seldom pause to look at something in depth as there is always more ‘stuff’ around the corner #GeoEdChat
  33. @AngusWillson so how do we ensure there is some pause and enquire in depth time? #GeoEdChat
  34. @AngusWillson agree about the idea of over overstated&over simplified ‘solutions’ particularly as none seem to be working #GeoEdChat
  35. One stream started on what 21st Century Geography is and ended discussing the merits of a TEDxGeography
  36. Difficulty w C21 geography is that it is everything (the world) and nothing (fewer researchers calling themselves geographers) #geoedchat
  37. @jamie_bd there was an idea floated at one stage about a TEDxGeography to raise the profile #GeoEdChat
  38. @GeoMouldey would be interesting, but what are the C21 skills that make school geography rigorous rather than a debating club #geoedchat
  39. @jamie_bd @GeoMouldey important that practical skills like GIS and imaging/modelling as well as the softer skills in geography #geoedchat
  40. #GeoEdChat Not good enough to just stick with ‘tried & true’: 1) Aim for tech integration in class & field (eg, #GIS, smartphone – cam/#GPS)
  41. #GeoEdChat 2) Work more to integrate skills & desired conceptual understandings with content – integrate within the integrative discipline
  42. @AngusWillson @jamie_bd Debating = my perspective is best C21 Geo = seeking to understand others perspectives for mutual benefit? #GeoEdChat
  43. @GeoMouldey @geography_paul @jamie_bd not a world away from the @The_GA annual conference? Seems to be positive, what’s drawback? #geoedchat
  44. @geography_paul @jamie_bd how so? I see it as showing the Geo in what people are doing, James Cameron, Cmdr Hadfield etc. #GeoEdChat
  45. @GeoMouldey @geography_paul @jamie_bd @The_GA Agreed, would hopefully not just be an industry event – @RGS_IBG lectures similar #geoedchat
  46. Another stream emerged discussing Models
  47. Should out dated theories of the demographic transition model&urban land use models like burgess&hoyt be dropped from schools? #GeoEdChat
  48. @geography_paul why just human? What about Bradshaw? Theories are good for disproving #GeoEdChat
  49. @brileyriley @geography_paul … and as long as they are taught in historical context they have their merits too #geoedchat
  50. @geography_paul Burges model totally irrelevant in modern geo teaching – better to focus on case study specific land uses #GeoEdChat
  51. @geography_paul not completely no #GeoEdChat just need to use them differently as important part the discipline
  52. And finally, a great thought from Australia to end on that many would agree with
  53. #GeoEdChat Personal philosophy: I am nurturing ‘Student Geographers’, not just teaching geography students. Big difference #geographyteacher
  54. Thanks so much and I for one am looking forward to next week’s discussion!

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2 thoughts on “#GeoEdChat 21st Century Geographers

  1. Thanks for posting this summary Steve. It’s a topic to keep pondering. Now that – in Oz – we are getting our Australian Curriculum: Geography (hopefully going live on the afternoon of Monday, 20 May 2013 AEST at http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/ ), more people will have reason to think on this matter. Some of the content will seem ‘conservative’ or potentially ‘dry’ to some, so to make it live, and to engage students, teachers will need to step up! This will be a particular issue for ‘draftee’ geographers and well-intentioned amateur geography teachers. Much, especially will be expected at the primary level, over time. Trained practitioners and specialists will need to show true leadership here in Australia, as I suspect they need to elsewhere.

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