About #GeoEdChat

Join us on Twitter for a new and lively #GeoEdChat every Wednesday. We’ll be discussing everything #geography #education including #teaching, #learning, #fieldwork and GIS. Our aim is to become the meeting place for geography educators working with people of all ages in all settings.

Join in

Discover the latest #GeoEdChat topic or help a future one.

How it works

  1. Vote#GeoEdChat community votes on the topic for the next chat
  2. Blog – The guest moderator posts a “Think Piece” on this site
  3. Chat #GeoEdChat on Twitter, at 8pm in your local timezone (starting down in NZ and continuing on for the next 24 hours), led by the guest moderator 
  4. Blog – The moderator posts a #GeoEdChat summary such as a storify or collation of the best ideas


#GeoEdChat is coordinated by Daniel Raven-Ellison and The Geography Collective. It’s managed by a team of editors who help moderators run their chats.

Contact us:

#GeoEdChat is a collaborative initiative that has been started by The Geography Collective (@GeoCollective). We’ll be delighted to hear from any organisations that are interested in geography education and would like to have an editorial role in the project.

#GeoEdChat is supported by..

The Geography Collective



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