#GeoEdChat is back from our hiatus

#GeoEdChat is back from our mid-year break!

We are moving back to a voting format where you get to choose the topic of the next chat so that the Chats are as relevant as possible for all Geography Teachers. The moderator will then post a thinkpiece on the chosen topic to help stir the conversation.

Come back in the next couple of days to see the poll for our first chat back!


We have evolved!

Hi all,

after our initial chats, we have had a short break to reflect on how we can improve #GeoEdChat and have come up with a few tweaks. This way we hope to engage more people with the ideas each week (and if you miss one you only have 1 week to wait!). The main change is a move from 1 hour only to a more informal day long affair.

How it will work:

  1. Blog – The guest moderator posts a “Think Piece” on this site
  2. Chat – #GeoEdChat on Twitter, at 8pm in your local timezone (starting down in NZ and continuing on for the next 24 hours), led by the guest moderator 
  3. Blog – The moderator posts a #GeoEdChat summary such as a storify or collation of the best ideas

So, we still want you to log on at 8pm your time but the rest of the world will do the same so that the conversation continues on for 24 hours and allows all people to engage with the theme of that week.

There will still be a think piece to provoke the conversation but now we will also ensure the chat is followed up with a blog/storify/reflection on what was covered in the chat.

Next chat will be next Wednesday May 15th and the Think Piece will be out very soon from Steve Mouldey (@GeoMouldey).

What do you think of #GeoEdChat?

#GeoEdChat has been going for a few weeks now.

  • What do you think of it?
  • How could it be better?
  • Do you think we should move to a regular time and day, rather than skipping between time zones each week?
  • Should their be more or deeper blog posts?

Please comment below and between us we can experiment with this experiment to make it even better. Thank you!

#GeoEdChat 2 Tonight with @NormalGeo & @CanGeoEdu – How do you use social media and Web 2.0 resources to teach geography?

Today’s #GeoEdChat is at 8pm Eastern (UTC -5), or tomorrow if you’re the other side of the International Date Line. Focussing on the question “How do you use social media and Web 2.0 resources to teach about geography?” the chat be being moderated by Kevin Suess (@NormalGeo), a Geography Teacher & Department Chair,  National Geographic Grosvenor Fellow,  National Board Certified Teacher and the V.P. of Illinois Geographical Society.

Many thanks to Canadian Geographic Education (@CanGeoEdu) who will be looking after the @GeoEdChat Twitter handle today.